Halloween was pretty awesome. I was prepared early by buying halloween stuff from Walmart for my costume. At first I was planning to be clown, but then the costume looked awful and luckily I got new idea. I picked my sisters winter boots and snowpants, I borrowed Tom and Jerry hoodie. (which was really small :D) put two low pony tails, bows to each side and little bit make up. Oh, and I carried a teddy bear and a baby bottle.

  So is it trick or treat or just a treat? What I can remember from my childhood (those few times I saw someone going trick or treating...) that if someone wasn't home or they didn't have any candy you would really do some tricks. Kids actually carried toothpaste with them and really used it. Here people either sat outside, they had basket filled with candy somewhere near their door but most common was to leave porch light on (and then kids knew that you can go there). People gave so much candy it's crazy!! I have enough for the rest of my year, haha. My sisters gym teacher had grill outside of his house and he gave kids candy and hotdogs. That was so good idea! Our trick or treat was on thursday though. Usually it's on friday but here where I live it's thursday because it's safer, it is not friday (because usually people have halloween parties), there can be drunk drives etc. If this change helps I don't mind. That only means we have longer halloween! ;)

  Halloween in Finland is nothing like here and maybe that's why people won't open their doors for kids. We don't ''celebrate'' it and adults/old people are confused when kids with creepy costumes come to knock their doors. We have halloween parties, nightclubs maybe have costume contests, there might be halloween lunch at school (yeah right, ''halloween''...) and expensive halloween stuff/costumes but trick or treat is not a big deal. I feel really old because I can't remember have I done it before?? I think so but I am not sure!

I am really glad that I experienced american halloween and it was way better that it is in Finland, no doubt. Next year I'll promise carve pumpkins (lots of them <3), throw a halloween party and try to change Finland's halloween, haha.

 On friday, sleepover at Cady's house. I was there after 11pm but we spent the whole next day together! We watched American Horror Story (ooh, I just love that show!!) and next morning we went to The Hearth for breakfast. First american breakfast and it was so good and under 8 dollars??? Cady and I are soulmates we LOVE breakfast, I like her. She curled my hair and I have forgotten how nice my hair can actually look.

 Later on saturday Cady's church had some halloween event and I went with her, her big brother and dad. We dressed up as cat and bunny. There was different activities, food and hay ride.

I had really nice halloween and weekend. I have been here two and half months and just saying it feels really weird...


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