3rd month

...Oh well, another month went by. What have I done since last month? Feels so crazy how fast time flies. I feel stupid when I don't notice how it's already november - sometimes I am still trying to figure it out that I'm really here. They say exchange year is a life in a year. It took me almost three months to really realized what that sentence mean. After a month, I noticed that I started thinking in english and now talking finnish is getting harder. I start telling something in english or I forget words, but actually it's pretty cool to see.
  Right now I am really happy. I have good friends around me, and I know they will be there and they aren't just temporary. And yes, there is people who were just interested of me because I am foreign. However, there is bunch of lovely people in our school that always have time to talk - even if we're not hanging out after school.
 I have settled down and I can call this place my home. Adjusting takes its own time and it wasn't so hard for me BUT this is very personal. My family is the biggest reason for that. We live in small town and almost everyone knows each other (so do not freak out if you are placed in small town) but I have noticed that it's really good thing! My family introduced me many people and that's how I got my first friends here.

 My culture shock wasn't bad (maybe it's still coming :D), but if I have to say something, perhaps food and freedom. Food is different, portions are bigger, unhealthier, sometimes better and ready-to-eat meals and canned food are common. It takes time to use to it but not everybody eat for example unhealthy. Every family eat differently, soo I am not going to say anything. When it comes to freedom you can't just leave from home and go to your friends house without telling. You have to remember to tell where you are going and with who. Once I forgot to tell that I was going to Subway with my friends before soccer game. My mom didn't know where I was because she thought I was coming home to eat (I think it was first week here, hehe.) After that I've always remembered to tell her where I am, right? :D You can't be late out or just ex tempore go downtown with your friends. This is big difference between Finland and America, but of course there are certain reasons why you can't do things this way.

Living in different country without your family and friends is not easy at all. You don't have person who you can tell everything because there isn't anyone who has known you 10 years or your whole life. That's hard, but that is also a challenge that you have to accept - to find a person that you could tell everything. I miss and think about them but I know they are doing okay.

Although I have been close with my parents past few years, being here makes me love and appreciate them even more. They gave me this opportunity to go otherside of Atlantic and experience all this.  My family is amazing, in Finland and America. Being an exchange student has teached me to notice and enjoy little things. Someone's hug, a big smile, when people are calling me ''El, E, EllBell'' or just saying hi in hall way and asking how I am. Those little things can save your day.

“Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” 

This is so true. When I am thinking last summer and times when I came here I notice that I had so much fun. Lovely moments that I'll never forget. 

Because of these amazing three months I have learned to love Finland, its culture, food, nature and being finnish. Many exchange students have written these exactly same things but it's just so very true. I remember when I was in middle school and future plans were moving abroad as soon as I can. No. I want to live and raise my kids in Finland that's for sure, although we should copy some things from America. I just looove small talk, their good manners and enthuasim! Yes, if you have been in America you can say at first most of the finns are cold and shy.  I've learned that there is good and notsogood things in American and Finnish culture and I'll try to mix both of them. Because I really like them both!

 ''When was the last time you did something for the first time?''  

When I saw this quote something changed, it's so true that it is scary! Even if you are older doesn't mean you shouldn't try new things. Okay,being an exchange student brings different situations that are of course new and unexpected, but I have tried bunch of new things. I tried basketball, I went homecoming dances, I drove four wheeler,I had my first motor cycle ride and I ate steak here (I'm not kidding.) That wasn't all... and there is so much more coming! I know they maybe aren't big things, but they were all new to me. 


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