100 days

The second day in America. #tourist #tietämätön

Last friday I accomplished something. 100 days in America, wohoo! After this school semester I have done half of my school year (which is soon over!?) It just scares me so so much, but also there will be interesting classes and new people! However, questions like this -> (what I'm going to do when I have to leave? How are things at home? What I want to do?) comes on my mind now and then. I'm just trying to remind myself to focus my life here and not to worry about what happens in the future.

I remember when all my friends kept saying to me that ''we're here waiting for you''. WELL, you better be xD. Sometimes you just think that people will forget you, but if they're your real friends that won't happen. A year should not change your friendship - just make it even stronger!

There has happened so many things in 100 days. I have felt so happy, sad, excited, awkward, shy, proud, thankful... I could continue this list so long because I have felt so many feelings. It's just so weird that one day you feel like crap and then the same evening you couldn't stop smiling. I am so happy to have good friends here. I can be myself around them and I don't have to be afraid that we won't be friends two months from now. I know they will be there. I just can't tell you enough how good it feels to have people around you who you can talk with, if you feel bad or really happy.

I remember when I had to walk thru security check at airport and I was wondering why I am not crying my eyes out. I don't know, the thing that I had waited so long, that I had ''prepared'' for (I don't even know how many months) was really happening. I felt so independent like a adult! Maybe I just didn't want to believe it was happening or I was so excited and at the same time confused... I think it was so awesome to go somewhere where nobody knows you and start ''over''. And I mean I didn't have any reason for that but thought about it made me curious. I didn't expect anything before I came here, but exchange student blogs gives you really good impression about being an exchange student. Friends, fun, dances, traveling... Everyones year is different. Host families are different. Expect nothing. Then you'll get the best experience.

I have had awesome year so far, no doubt. I love this place. Cute little town, lots of farmland, lovely caring people, our high school, my amazing family... I am just so thankful to have this opportunity. Sometimes I have thought that what if I wouldn't have end up here. I wouldn't have met any of these people and I would have lived without knowing them exist. Haha, that sounded ridicolous, but now I couldn't imagine my life without them. Going home will be so hard. Why is it so hard to live in the moment? Are we always thinking about future because well, we have to and people like to do that? I don't know but I really have to start practicing. Time is flying and so is my exchange year. What do I want from this year? I should start thinking and doing! 

There's a paper on my wall where my friends wrote me greetings before left. My one friend had written; ''don't change too much''. I think I have already changed but in a good way. I would be concerned about if I wouldn't. Being away from your love ones, home, your own country for a year
must change you somehow. Already now I am more independent, confident about myself and my english (:D), I am not so scared to try new things and I am not always worrying what people think about me. <--- (niin äiti!!)

I thought next, I could do a picture post about everything I have done since I came here... Hopefully soon! Have a great week guys!!


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  1. Nice to hear you are fine and enjoyed being there ! Enjoy the rest of your year and live in the moment!:D I miss you and I cant wait to see you !♥