Last Weekend

I had really nice weekend! On friday my family wanted to take me to corn maze. It was huge and it took hour and a half from us. I would have been complitly lost there without my hostdad, it was night and so dark... I still had fun and after the maze we took hay ride. There was different games, activities and some food outside of the maze (if you didn't want to go... haha)

Left to right: Morgan, Nathan, Jenna, Alyssa, me and Rich
Hay ride
 Nathan called, haha
Saturday we went watch Alyssa's soccer game and then ran to Walmart get some halloween stuff. I had my first motorcycle ride with my dad and it was awesome... It just feels so cool I could do that all the time. Actually here in Pennsylvania you don't have to wear helmet while riding, it's really scary and weird! Later that day we had Nathan's girlfriends halloween party and whole family was invited. Everyone had to dress up and we made dessert for the party, they turn out really great! 
That is chocolate pudding, ''dirt'' is oreos, marshmallow pumpkin and ghost
 Doing ricekrispie treats
Pumpkin ricekrispies on the right!

 Love bonfires

Food coma
On sunday I slept late and after I woke up I finished my english presentation. About 2pm we were ready to go see my representative (aluevalvoja) to her house. I love her she's sweetheart!! Before that we went to Wendy's get some lunch and I loved their soda machine, haha! We were home maybe after nine and I tried to go to bed early - as always... My weekend was good and it felt somehow longer? That doesn't happen very often so I should be glad. Here is some pictures that I took while we were driving.


 We drove thru the military cemetary, it was really pretty

Happy monday everybody! Almost tuesday...

Terkut mummille ja ukille!


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