Here is some foods and drinks that are popular here. I have no clue why I wanted to do post like this, but here we go! There is bunch of other things too, but these came my mind at first.

Ranch;  So this salad dressing is everywhere, literally everywhere! People dip their pizza and vegetables in it, subs, wraps, wings, celery and then there is ranch chips and seeds... I could continue this list so long. I think ranch tastes same as caesar salad dressing? Am I wrong? You can get that from any place you'll go. I think it's OK, but you don't have to eat it with everything...

Snack food; I think we have no "snack" culture in Finland, or maybe we do but it's not so big thing. It's called ''välipala'' but usually we just eat for example bread, yogurt or fruits. We don't have certain foods that we're eating. However, here, we have peanuts, chips, candy, crackers (too many), pretzel sticks and snack packets... People take these for lunch (which feels funny) or eat them after school. I've learned to eat them, but I still can't eat pack of chips after soccer game... It just feels really odd.

Pop tarts; Yes, It's a tart/pastry and you'll toast it in a toaster. Although, many people eat them ''raw'' including my siblings here, but I won't do that. There is bunch of different flavors and people eat them for breakfast or whenever... I just love them. Quick and easy!

Gatorade/Powerade; It's a recovery drink, but people here drink it like a soda, which is good thing though. It's littlebit more expensive than soda but way healthier. So usually all athletic people drink it because they don't want to drink soda... They have many different flavours and sizes.

Iced tea; Is reeeally popular here! There is so many different kinds that it's always hard to choose. I think everyone drink it. My favorite is raspberry tea, yum!

Apple sauce; This is the weirdest thing in here at the moment. I'm just so confused, anyone with me? So people eat or drink apple sauce from little plastic cups (like yougurt cups, but smaller). And applesauce just reminds me of jam. Maybe I should taste that.

Tater tots; They're pretty same as french fries. It's made from deep-fried, grated potatoes. They're softer and different size as you can see. Tots are really common at school lunch. 

Pumpkin/spice; At the moment pumpkin is really popular because it's fall time. From candles to all the foods. Cookies, coffee, candy, pies etc... They started to sell pumpkin staff already in August, haha. Americans just love it!

Chocolate milk; My little sister loves it! Sweetened cocoa-flavored milk, delicious! It's pretty expensive though, I don't know why. We can get that also at school lunches.

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  1. jep, samat jutut täälläki. noihin tater totseihin en oo viel törmänny mut oon kuullu niistä kyl, vitsi tuntu oudolta ku tehtii eilen tota apple saucee ite joku 100 purkkia haha ja sit kysyin et mitä hittoo me näil tehää ku luulin et sitä käytetään niinku omenahilloo suomes eli.. ei mihinkään? :D ja noi vastas et no me tietty syödään se sit kysyin et minkä kaa ne sano et vaik dinnerin kaa tai jälkiruuaks.. en tajuu :D mut pirun hyvää se oli! eikä oo yhtää nii epäterveellistä kun kaupasta ostettava

    1. Jep.. Haha tänää just ostin walmartista apple sauce koska halusin maistaa! Oli kyl parempaa ku odotin :D sama asia ku söis pilttii mut enemmän sokerii! Varmaa on aika hyvää jos on homemade :)