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So my computer is messed up, and I need to buy a virus program? (Or whatever it's called...) The only thing that I can do right now is put it on, put my password and then the screen turns into black. Frusfrating, annoying and I have no clue what I have done wrong. I really hope I could fix it soon, because all my pictures are there and I JUST NEED MY COMPUTER.

Anyhow, I have had fun the past few weeks. I have so many cool things coming up and still planning more! We will have a senior trip in May and we're going to Maryland to Baltimore. In Baltimore we will go to watch a baseball game and that will be probably my first real baseball game, I am sooo excited. Hopefully they have planned a nice day for us! I play soccer in travel team (team outside of school) here and we will have a tournament in June. It will be in New Jersey, next to the beach!! Soccer and hanging out on the beach, yes pleeease.

On March 12th we start our musical performances  and we have three of them. Crazy, how we started on January and now we have like, what, five weeks left til our shows!?  Also last week I auditioned to another choir in our school. We have two of them. One where everyone will get in and the other one is "high school Chorale" where they have auditions, and they are really good.  Thanks to my lovely friend Carley, who helped me with my song for auditions :) ! So, I got in, though I feel really bad singer at there but it's so much more fun and the most important I enjoy it.  I sing five times in a week  and I have musical twice a week. When I got here, I never knew that I would do singing this much. I did music and singing when I was younger and I quit it when I was about 12. So after that I've basically sung karaoke and in the shower, haha.

Yesterday we went for dinner to Texas Road House with my two friends and then watched a movie at Erin's house. We had to wait about an hour before we got a table so we went to walmart to walk around, trying to kill time. Then we got our table, we were starving and had an appetizer and their delicious bread. Surprise, we were so stuffed after that we couldn't eat much our main course, basic...

Today I went to my sister's basketball game and right now I am at the hockey meeting with my host mom. I have soccer game later tonight at 10pm... Aaand tomorrow is monday, how fun is that?

Happy sunday everyone!


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