New semester was about to start last thursday but we did a half day on wednesday, because it was going to snow all day. And it actually did. New semester started on friday and my new classes are Geography, Psychology, Ceramics and Econmics. English, Spanish, Chorus/Studyhall stays all year around.

Last weekend was really good, I did so many things! I had sleepover with Emily at my friends Jordyn's house. We watched movies and just spent time together. On saturday we slept late and went bowling with her family, it's always fun, even if I am really bad at it (and the last one).. We decided to go to movies that night and also (another :D) Emily joined with us. We saw ''They Boy Next Door'', and it wasn't really good movie, because of the ending. I still love this local movie theater, we should have these kind of seats back home THEY'RE SO COMFY.

I have had great week so far, and weekend started really well! On monday I went for wings with my friends to local restaurant (every monday you'll get 10 wings for 3$) and then we went for ice cream to dairy queen.  Any dairy queen lovers out there...?  My friend works there, so my friends and I got special ice creams! I really have found people I am similar with and I can definitely be myself around them. We had so much fun that night.

I spent my tuesday at home and then went to musical practice. I enjoy being there, because, well I like singing and dancing even if I am not really good at either one...  And with the best people, that's why I am always in such a good mood after our rehearsals.

On wednesday we had musical pictures after school (I was just in crew picture, but anyhow). After that,  I went to my friend Emma's house with  Erin, Carley, Lauren and Cady and we ordered chinese food. Yummm, It's always so good in here. Later that night our family went to my brothers hockey game and then we ran to Walmart to get few things.

          I already know I won't like Valentines day...         Lovely picture of Carley and Lauren

I am going to need this weekend so bad, I just want to sleep late... Tomorrow we have softball open gym, so basically you can go there and just play a little before season and "real" practices start.  We'll see how softball works for me, hopefully it's fun because I really do like team sports! Sunday is super bowl, and even if our family doesn't watch football that much, we will have friends coming over and have a little party together.
Perogies? Mozzarella sticks and boneless wings. Healthy, huh?

Sunday is February 1st and I don't want spring to come but I do want that weather though. Yesterday morning was -15 degrees.  I am finn, I hate and can't stand cold.  And äiti,  you know that I won't wear tights under my jeans. NEVER, EVER.

Have a nice and cold weekend everyone!


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