So I have almost been here half of my exchange year (can't believe it), so I am pretty much gotten into this culture. So, I wanted to tell/list things that I really like in America and hopefully able to bring some of them with me.

It's weird that there is so many things that I still want to do and experience, but unfortunately time is running. Maybe I should do something new at least once a week. Spring is going to be busy because of musical and sports....but that's also something new to me!

Refills (drinks)
Basically where ever you go, you can fill your drink as many times as you want. Why don't we have chance to get refills in Finland?  No. You have to buy a new drink.

I know it's not enviroment friendly to use cars all the time but,but... I love long car rides, car rides with my friends, going drive-ins and when we have to run to grocery store to get milk at 11pm.... It's also funny that someone who's younger than me can drive me places, haha.

Parties/get together's
Movie nights, christmas parties, bonfire nights, birthdays,dinners.. Americans now how to throw parties! Friends and family together (it doesn't matter here), sharing laughs, having good time and always tons of food.  This is one thing I know I am going to miss, just spending time with lovely people ❤️

School spirit
We really don't know this term in Finland. Honestly there is no such a thing. I love going to watch football, soccer, ice hockey and basketball games with my friends and cheer our school in the student section. Right now basketball, wrestling and hockey season is going on. On march I'm going to start playing softball. Supporting and being part of my high school feels awesome! There is so many different school events, clubs and sports that try to bond and get people together. I love all the high school clothing, sweatshirts, longsleeves. It doesn't matter if the soccer or musical season is going on; you can order clothing.  American and Finnish school system is really really different.

More laugh, more smiling, better manners, more open minded, caring and warm people. That was my first impression of Americans. Of course it doesn't come to everyone that I have met,but most of them. Just small things like a thank you, you're welcome, calling honey and holding a door for someone is something  that comes automatically from people.  I have gotten close friendships here quicker than in Finland. It can be part of the exchange year, because you really are trying to make new friends and get to know everyone (but still). I love my friends parents and I always enjoy talking with them. That's funny because in Finland it can be kind of awkward and weird. Here people text each others parents and actually like spend time together (and having a really good conversation with an adult and knowing that he's also interested is pretttttty nice.)

Well, this doesn't surprise anyone. If you love shopping and cheap food America is the right place for you.  I will never stop thinking about prices in euros though. I just need to know, almost everytime, but now I usually know how much it is without converting. Just going for a lunch with your friends is under 10 euros. It's just so weird. I'm so use to count my money before we go to restaurant in Finland... The first week I got here I had bought already like four pairs of shoes, whoops. So remember to save some money!! However, it's really annoying that prices don't include taxes here, they add it when you're paying. I hate that because when I think I have enough money for something, it's actually more...

Aaaand, there is so many other things (...food) that I like here, but I wanted to keep this short. And actually it's not short at all.

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King day and we have no school, yay! My hostbrother has birthday and other brother is going to back to college. It's going to be weird because he had almost two month christmas brake and he won't be home after tomorrow.


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  1. hei Ella! Kiitos että lähetit mulle tän blogin! Kiva lukea toisten näkemyskiä usa:sta! Sun blogi on tosi kiva :) Mun suomi on ihan ruosteessa kun en sitä nyt melkeen koskaan puhu, siks munkin blogi onkin englaniks :D Toivottavasti tääkin puolisko sun vaihtarivuuotta menee hyvin! Mulla ainakin tähän meneessä :)

    1. Haha ole hyvä! Kiva kuulla että menee hyvin, tää toinen puolisko pitäis olla kuulemma vielä parempi :) we'll see ;)

  2. Would you like to do a post about Into?:) anyways, love your blog, so glad i found this! Enjoy your year:)

    1. Thank you so much, you made my day!! :) I could write about that but I am not am I supposed to tell my opinions about my organizaton, but I'll found out and hopefully i can write about them soon!! And I will :)