Hello March!

Okay so something weird just happened. I opened my computer and it actually works, wow. However, it's still slow and sometimes the screen is frozen, oh well I'll take it.

It's March my friends, who believed spring would come? Not me. It's kind of funny how I don't even pay attention what month it is - I am just thinking that how the heck I have 3 months and couple weeks left to be here. That's horrible, and IT SCARES ME more than anything right now. Spring also means my birthday (April) and I am not ready to be 18 because it's just too old. I am not like an adult, sometimes I still feel like I am 15. Yeah right, we'll see it when I get back home. By the way, I made a promise in January that I won't buy clothes until March. I did it (how?)! Now I wanna go to shopping so bad.

Last summer I was so sure that my blog would be those cool ones, over 100 followers and I would be telling about my american-dream-exchange-student-life, writing every week and having all those amazing photos. Ummm, no. Actually right now I am just happy to be here once in a while typing about my life. I know my friends and relatives appreciate it but the truth is I don't have enough time for it and I am really trying to enjoy these last months. I am sure it's nice to look all those posts when I am in Finland but I've been taking pictures and writing my diary now and then. I am proud of myself, haha.

I do like planning things, but now it actually kind of sucks when it keeps reminding me that I am going home. I already got a summer job what is wonderful though, we're having a trip to Greece with my best friends in July and I am going two different music festivals. Sounds good to me, but not my wallet. Our organization's students are also planning to see each other the end of the summer when everyone's home and going somewhere together, FUN! I already know that I want to go to our cottage with my family and enjoy the beautiful nature and barbeque, hehe.

Softball starts tomorrow! I am extremely excited. It's nice to have something after school and softball/track season is going to keep our family busy again! Yeah right, we weren't busy anyhow... I am looking forward to meet new people and hopefully make new friends. Even if I'm not friends with everyone I still kind of ''know'' them. Isn't it weird to have situation like this in America? This is my first time playing softball, but everybody has been really nice about it and coaches and girls are and offering their help.
On friday we had Sadie Hawkins school dance where I went with couple friends. We had so much fun I think it was more fun than homecoming dances :D  My voice was really bad the next morning... After dances we had a sleepover at my friend Erin's house with bunch of girls and we had good time together.

Women in black! E, E, E. from left to right; Me, Erin and Emma
Yesterday we had cake and ice cream (birthday party) for my brother Nathan and Grandpa. We pretty much spent the whole day at Grandma's and Grandpa's house. They also had their couple friends over and as always my hostmom introduced me telling who I am etc. The lady said to me that I sound like I would have been forever. I asked her that was she being serious and I told her that was a huge compliment. WHY? Because my friends are annoying, and they tell people that I am a terrorist from Finland, they can hear my accent all the time and I am the stupid foreigner. Yes, I do love them. We got home like nine, baked cookies for Nathan's ice hockey banquet that's today and I went straight to bed.
They put 87th birthday first instead of 82nd...  American cakes are soo much better than in Finland. They're not ''filled cakes'' (täytekakku). Just cake and sugar frosting.

Musical is in 13 days, I repeat 13! Couldn't be more excited but so nervous at the same time. I have my last travel soccer game today and it makes me so sad. I love to play with those girls, we're still going to at least one tournament together. In 30 minutes I'll go outside in the snow and raise money for THON. I hope I have time later to tell you guys about it and what it really is (quickly, raising money for kids with cancer).

I hope you had a nice weekend. So many cool things coming up this week can't wait!


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