PROM 2015

These girls are gold!
Prom was held two weeks ago, I just haven't had time or patient to come here and tell you about it. I really didn't have any expectations I just wanted to experience it like everyone else.
Sam and I & Justin and Jordyn
I got my nails done with my friend Erin on friday (8th) and later I had a hair appointment. I went to Erin's house to get ready with my other friend Emma. Then we drove to my other friends house, who finally drove all of us and my date to this pretty garden where we took our pictures.

We still wanted to go to the hotel next to us since lot of our friends went there. We got some really nice pictures and then finally after a short drive we arrived to this place (lodge) where the dance was. Everyone got to eat dinner (buffet) and the food was okay. After that people started dancing like in homecoming/other school dances, and they played popular pop-, slow- and line dance songs. I danced the whole time, but obviously we didn't wear our heels and my dress was waaay too long, so my dancing was kind of well, limited. They had also set up a photo booth where you could take these cute pictures and luckily they were free!
The best host parents in the whole world!

Our prom had a theme and it was Alice In The Wonderland. I really didn't notice it though, in the middle of the dances I remembered that we actually did have a theme... The whole night went so fast, and before I noticed it was over. I felt like I was living my real ''American (dream) life'' because a) my first real prom b) I was the only foreign exchange student, but the last song ruined everything. It was 'I am proud to be American'. You should have seen my face when the song came on, haha.
Sam and I
Our school didn't have their own ''after party'', how some schools do like bowling etc. Quite many students had their own bonfires and parties. I went to couple bonfires that my friends had, stayed there for a little and then eventually went home and hung out with my host momma (late night talks are the best!!)
Mindy, Me, Jillian
Did I have fun? Yes. Was it different that I thought it would be? Yes and no. I was so hyped about prom in February and my friends were making fun of me, so I kind of tried to calm down.... Then the week before prom, it didn't even feel like it was the next week! I think 50 dollars is a big price of it, and if you would buy 300 dollars dress and do your hair at hairdresser, it would be crazy expensive. I was very happy that I could borrow my dress from my friend, and it was also really pretty one!
In general Prom was nice and I would love to go there again... Now I am really looking forward to graduation and my grad/goodbye party, even if my heart will broke in pieces.
The best brothers I could wish for

Thank you for the pics Kim, you always do a great job!!


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