April and Easter

So much happening this week and so excited! I had such a great time last weekend(27-27th of March). On friday my host family took me to ice hockey game where local team played. They lost, however it was interesting game and it was nice to spent time together. Every time I watch hockey I feel like home, it just reminds me of Finland!

Saturday. I got my nails done with my friend Amanda and her mom. When I got home, we started baking 'Slutty brownies' with my host brother. You start with the chocolate chip cookie layer, top with oreos and then you pour the brownie batter on it. SO yummy, rich, and gooey. Later that night, around 10pm Amanda and her mom came over, because her mom was going to dye my momma's hair. I wanted to get highlights and I got them! This was the first time in my life when I ''dyed'' my hair (Ella, soon-to-be-18-year-old ). And I love them, it was good choice to start with highlights, so I don't ruin my hair... We had a blast, as always, with our friends and family. It was 2:30am when they left. Can you tell we had good time?

Sunday we had my host family's cousins birthday party at Sky Zone. It was so much fun, I found my inner kiddo again!!


Easter was my last american holiday, dislike :( Anyways. Easter was more than I expected but it included a lot of family time. Our ''spring brake'' was from thursday till sunday (2-5th of April). Monday was supposed to be off, but we had one snow day in February, so we had to made it up.

On wednesday my friend had a first bonfire of the year, and it was so nice! We should have bonfire nights in Finland too. The next morning we went for a breakfast to the closest diner, I just simply love them. The first softball game was played on thursday and we won. I was realllly nervous, but I did it! Later that night my family did their first Easter tradition, egg painting. So they are real hard boiled eggs, and then you can tie dye, draw or dip them in different colors (it's dyed vinegar so you can eat them later) and it was actually really cool. I was just disappointed to myself because they didn't turn out as I wanted. Oh well, that was my first time. 

On friday I made Finnish cinnamon rolls, and buttery eye pastries (voisilmapulla) for dinner we had that same night. I doubled the recipe, sooo then I ran to grocery store because we didn't have enough flour, whoops. I went out with my friend Jordyn, because it was so nice out and we went for a hike, and the weather was hot (but I don't complain). Spring is here, or would I say summer cause 20 C is pretty warm to us Finns. 

 We had dinner with my host dad's family/siblings and their kids. One word. CRAZY. SO much kids, so loud and so much happening at the same time. But I really do like to spend time with them.

Well saturday was little bit different than I thought it would be. I had a surprise birthday party. Everybody had planned this so well! My friend Jordyn had asked me to sleepover at their house on friday evening, and the next morning we had to be home at 2:30pm. I am not the smartest, but everything makes sense now though, haha. We were supposed to go over my host mom's parents and have a Easter egg hunt. I was confused because we couldn't go home any earlier, but I really didn't care. I walked in to our house and there they were, my friends and family screaming surprise at me! I was so surprised and I started crying. Actually there is a video of it on Facebook. I am glad someone recorded my reaction, it's hilarious now :D I had a blast, I have such an amazing family and friends who made it happen. They're a blessing. So many friends and family friends showed up, and it made me so happy that they used their time to come over. I will remember this birthday forever, it just warms up my heart to even think about it...

Saturday night ended up with good friends. We went to movies and saw a scary movie called 'It follows'. Even it was a pretty bad movie it's always fun to watch horror with group of people.

On Sunday we finally had our Easter egg hunt! First we had to find our own baskets. My basket was filled with chocolate, different candy and cute water bottle. We emptied our baskets and then was the time for egg hunt. I think that's a fun tradition and I could see my kids doing it.

...And then Easter lunch. We ate it with my host mom's parents, her brother, Justin's girlfriend and host dad's dad. We had ham, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn, that is what they usually eat. Food was good and we had a great time together. Easter was definitely a fun holiday!!

Last week was busy. Three softball games and so many plans. On tuesday I had my birthday!!! finally 18! I had awesome day with lovely people. We also went to Buffalo Wild Wings (restaurant) that I have wanted to go for a long time. And the wings were so good... We were supposed to have a softball tournament on saturday, but it got cancelled because of the fields bad condition.  On saturday we had sleep over at my friends Carley's house. We had a little party for us since we had our birthday so close (Carley 9th) to each other. Just hanging out by the fire, listening to music and sharing laughs with my best friends makes me incredibly happy.

Spring season started and we got our first win! Oh how I've missed soccer! I love to play with my travel team, I really enjoy it.

I am truly sorry, but no pictures for now :( I just wanted to come and write something, I promise I'll do a blog post that includes JUST pictures.

Have a nice week everyone, already hump day!
Ps. this was older post, but I didn't have time to finish it, soooo that's why the text is little bit odd, haha.


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