Last week was my 4th week in American high school which feels weird. Last few weeks have gone sooo quickly. My normal day goes pretty much like this; School 7.40am-2.30pm, 3-5pm soccer practice and about 5.30 at home. There isn't much time after school day but usually we eat dinner, I'll do my homework and we just spend some time together.  Now I have 1-4 games in a week and there's four other kids in my family so we're pretty busy... Today we had soccer tournament and we WON! It felt aaaaaaaaawesome, still can't believe it.

Our soccer team

My school schedule (1st semester)

American Government 
Spanish 2
Chorus (every other day)
Study hall (every other day)
Study hall
Child Development
Nutrition and Foods

I really like my schedule especially two last periods! In child development we are learning how to act with kids in different situations and things that belongs toddler's growthing. Nutrition and Foods includes cooking, nutrition information and learning ''use'' the kitchen.  Spanish isn't so hard that I thought but teacher talks all the time in spanish and I'm not so use to that, haha.We don't use that  much our textbooks or do grammar which we did all the time in Finland. Otherwise school is going pretty nicely.

Away football game!

Have a good weekend guys!


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